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Welcome - I host inexpensive photo tours to some of the finest landscape, nature and wildlife locations in North America.  In the past, my photo tours were called Dirt Cheap Photo Tours - and they are still inexpensive versus other photo tours and workshops.  But I had a lot of people tell me that they were worried about something being "dirt cheap", so my photo tours are now called Jeff Clow Photo Tours.

Same value pricing.  Same great service.  Same host.  Same great experience.

Different name.

My 2014 tour locations have been finalized - for Moab (Canyonlands and Arches National Parks), for Grand Teton National Park, and for Glacier National Park.

 I'll be hosting two new photo tours in the coming months.  The Grand Teton National Park photo tours are my most popular year in and year out.  I have one in late September (autumn color).   I also have a Moab tour in late October - and yes, there is actually some areas that have fall color, even in the desert.

Please send me an email ( so I can add your name and email address to my mailing list and give you all the details on my upcoming tours.

There are also options for an extended tour for each of these photo tours with just me and a couple of other photographers.  Please drop me a quick note if you'd like specific information.

My pricing is still hundreds of dollars less per person than the other tours and workshops - but still with all the first class tour amenities - and that approach has been very popular the last four years.

 Be sure and check the four additional tabbed pages at the top of this page for more information as well as testimonials from previous participants.


What's this concept - this inexpensive Photo Tour idea - all about?
It's about two things.  It's about shooting landscape and travel photos in some of the world's most beautiful locations at a price way below what other workshops and tours charge. And it is also about having a lot of fun with fellow photographers who share a common passion - and who don't want to spend time in a workshop classroom setting when they could be out shooting.
I created this company because I thought there should be a place where people could find a photo tour hosted by an experienced guide that wouldn't cost a ton of money. Most of the photo workshops you see advertised in the back of the photo magazines cost well over $1000, and I thought that was way out of line.  And most of those workshops spend a lot of time in a classroom setting reviewing and critiquing photos. 

I don't.  My participants and I go out and shoot 10 to 12 hours per day for three plus days.
The photo tours I've put together have a participant cost of $699 to $999. Think of it as getting driven in a premium SUV to all the prime photo spots in the area at the right time of day - while accompanied by a professional landscape, nature and travel photographer who knows what he is doing.  And then add in the camaraderie of doing it with other photographers who enjoy photography as much as you do.

All for about the same cost as renting a high clearance SUV by yourself for the same period and paying for gas and entrance fees.
  Or renting a personal guide for ONE day.

We visit some of the most famous landscape spots in North America and some little known sites that I've found after exploring all the back roads in an area. 

And when visiting the Tetons - we will most likely encounter wildlife during our photo tour. On previous tours we have seen beaver, fox, bison, moose, elk, bald eagles, owls, osprey, grizzly and black bears, and pronghorn antelope.

For much more information, please contact me via my cell phone: 940-231-7223
Or email me at 

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